What Makes Equicheck Different?
1im3• Speed of Service, Quality and Price are acknowledged by our customers as areas that set us apart from the competition.
• Standard service means we’ll perform the inspection within 48 hours, with cooperation from the lessee, no matter where it is in the U.S.
• Flat rate pricing means that for the first hour we have one flat rate price. Period.
• Flexibility. Present us with the questions or format you need, and we will make every effort to create a form for you.
Services Overview
1im4Within 30 minutes of receipt of your request we coordinate with our inspector, and attempt contact with the lessee to ascertain readiness for the inspection. If our call reveals the lessee is ready to inspect, we schedule the assignment and advise you of the appointment time . If you call to cancel within 48 hours of ordering, and prior to a field visit attempt, there is no charge to you. The entire life of the inspection, from assignment through the finished report, is available for your review as it progresses. Customers like the idea of logging in, and being able to insert the name or the file ID. They can read the entire history of the assignment. In other words, they are always up to date
How Do I Order an Inspection?
Inspections can be ordered from our website or by fax. First you must establish an account. To create an account with us, please email your request to: orders@equicheck.com. You may also contact a representative directly immediately, at (631) 320-9137 or (631) 320-9139.